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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More From The Insect Abroad

More From The Insect Abroad

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Droopy: radio
[And no, we are not talking about how I get bitten even after bathing in DEET]

Another quick (hopefully) report from me in Turkey. And, if you've ever wondered, the boot-i-ful bird is Hindi here.
And I really need to turn off LiveJournal auto-spell, as the tablet is annoying enough as it is.  

So,  what's new?  More archaeological sites explored, including photographs of archaeology goats (the answer to site tidiness), people with high viz bums and general hot stickiness.  More great opportunities to get lost looking for ruins...

This is meant to be a quick entry, plus typing on this thing is quite frustrating in the extreme.  Returning to the Real World on Monday.  Expect photographs!
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