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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Rematerialization Circuits

Rematerialization Circuits

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hugh cemetary two
I have made it back to the land of the cold and soggy.

On the flight yesterday, as I hand-jived my way through the ouvere of Mr Hugh Dillon in dosk's special extra legroom seating: "I might be the most embarrasing sister, but I'm a nice one" folllowed by "at least I won't get Deep Vein Thrombosis."  The people at Gatwick finally collected dosk from the gate and got him on wheels with possibly the fastest professional (singing) wheelchair pusher in the world.   At the baggage reclaim, bbd practiced his physio-exercises before attempting to rescue our luggage.  A pair of pink lacy knickers kept going round and round lonesomely -- their owner clearly did not want to own up to them.  And then, after we found the man with our car, I had an epic migraine which disliked a) food b) thinking about food and c) bright lights like headlamps and a two hour drive.  My piece/peace of mind was not helped by realising the migraine prodome (early symptoms like fluffy elation) has much (i.e. nearly everything) in common with my vague warning signs of epilectic branefail.  Paranoia is not one of my favourite things. 

Holiday excitement and archaeology porn will follow, eventually.  Now to rescue my triffids! 
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