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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

a very friendly lion called Parsley.

a very friendly lion called Parsley.

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kowalski dark

a very friendly lion at feth~ archaeology museum

I'm feeling tired and sore of brain right now, so just the one holiday picture.  Here is one of the many lions at Fethiye Archaeology Museum.

He is a very friendly lion called Parsley. *grin*

[okay, that might be a little obscure for those too young or too American, Parsley the Lion was the star of a stop-motion series called the Herbs.  Besides not being green, this guy bears a distinct resemblence.]
  • I'm Dill the Dog, I'm a Dog called Dill :)

    I can't remember Tarragon's.
  • Now i'm going to have to look up that show and watch it! :3
    • Honestly, it's super-cute and gives me the nostalgic warm and fuzzies. One thing I didn't know was that the creator of Paddington Bear was behind it.
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