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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, we went to London and got my brain scanned.  More…

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prisoner guh
Today, we went to London and got my brain scanned.  More importantly, buzzy met up with her favourite people, Tame American and Ettiquette Queen.  [Tame American would like to point out that a) she isn't tame at all and b) she's greek-american and not tame at all]  EQ made me the cutest little patchwork bag for my sewing projects -- it's small, pink/purple and has my name stitched inside.  The whole thing is hand-stitched, which just amazes me, as I would end up swearing and then try and coax the sewing machine into working.  In other news, I am going to the needlework expo at Ally Pally in October with the Knit and Knatter folks, which is massively reassuring for my folks with regard to their worries about solo-train-journeys and solo-fitting.

In other other news: must introduce TA to Ilya Kuryakin.  How her amazing grasp of pop-culture missed out the good men of UNCLE, I don't know. 
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