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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello Internet!  Right now, the brane is having a blast and…

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fraser: confusion Of Mounties
Hello Internet!  Right now, the brane is having a blast and making my eyes and neck hurt as well as doing its usual blitz on buzzy's braincase.

Writing this entry is very unsatisfactory and nothing is coming across as well as it could do.

I lugged a fly-tipped stereo up the road for one of my co-volunteers, who thinks it might be a useful backup for our aged PA system (otherwise known as an Inverted-Darlington-Circuit lashed to a huge "vintage" single-tape tape-deck the size of a greengrocer's crate).  Worryingly, I am in tip-top physical shape compared with my colleagues, even after having my brain sliced and photographed.  We are going to have many primary-aged children tomorrow so I need to chill out, conquer the branehate and find my mojo.  Wish me luck.
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