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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

A random writery thought from On the Inside I'm A Poet: {i'm pretty…

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vecchio: study hard
A random writery thought from On the Inside I'm A Poet:

{i'm pretty amazed that I still get random writery thoughts}

{not that this will make much sense to anyone without a trivia brain}

Teen!RayV (of course) goes off to study music in California after his father's untimely and accidental death.

He was very drunk, he fell on a knife while making a post-drink snack, a lot.

Mr Zuko sent his regrets and Ray miraculously got a scholarship with which he could support Ma and Frannie.

Anywhichway, Mrs Mann (Ray assumes she's a Mrs - he doesn't know many musical geniuses) comes to pick Ray up and takes him home as he is adorable and made of woobie. They pick up some groceries, he's told to put the stuff in the adjoining garage...

...which is full of blackboards and a younger teenager who says his name is Charlie Eppes (okay, so I bend ages a little, but it lets teen!Ray get out of his shell a bit)

And no, mom is not in the habit of bringing students home (except when adorable, tragic geniuses)

And, uh, I begin to lose it there, but it is pretty awesome.
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