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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Sleep is Good, Stitching is Better

Sleep is Good, Stitching is Better

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nightcrawler: sleeping
Another "tired" post, but at least an interesting one. I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show thing at Alexandra Palace in London. For those of you who haven't been to this epic location, Ally Pally is huge and (on the outside) has an absolutely amazing panoramic view of London. On the inside, it is OMG huge and has a palmarium (those crazy victorians were trying to outdo Crystal Palace, hence the ice rink, golf course and deer park -- I'm sure I missed something there). The Show was very good, even if there were more "junk" stalls than last year (you know, the ones which buy space at any and every expo to try and sell you their steam-cleaning-system etc) and I finally got around the whole of the exhibition, the most wow bit being the Beryl Dean (I think) retrospective -- she specialised in religious costume and art, but everything she did is totally mindblowing, especially her "student" work. Also, (I like religious art, just not religious myself) she totally kicked ass producing an or nue icon of Jesus (which was just gorgeous). Uh, "or nue" is a goldwork technique and I've never seen any in person before. Wow. Of course, I also did a stupid amount of shopping, which I'll add to this post later, once I've dug things out of my backpack. That said, the most expensive item is going to be my next big project once I finish "Angel of Love". I had a lovely talk with a lady at the Golden Hinde (more goldwork) stall and she asked me to keep HER posted on the AoL. She was doing an absolutely amazing geisha and filling with seriously amazing goldwork techniques. No, I am not obsessed with goldwork, it just (when it's good) looks totally amazing. Likewise the quilt exhibition (especially a "simples" design featuring meerkats at a art gallery, which was beyond hilarious) and some truly cool knitted 3-d storks. And a lot of other amazing stuff.

Apologies about the over-use of "amazing" except it totally was
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