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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Angel of Love -- More Progress Picture

Angel of Love -- More Progress Picture

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hugh house

Progress 6th October 2011

This is a more recent picture of my work on Angel of Love (from a pattern by Lavender and Lace) with more beading on that skirt etc. I'm trying to focus on getting more done, but am distracted by all the shiny I have accumulated from Ally Pally (the location of the world's biggest needlecraft event - supposedly) and my current portable project (another pin-cushion continuing the recent trend for my smalls to go wrong). That's it, pretty much.
  • It's looking gorgeous!
    • I _so_ need to get dosk to take a better pitcher. this is one of mine hence weird angle taken in a hurry.

      picture. *branefail*

      brane has interesting new treatment today

      (i don't think it is very pleased)
      • New treatments are often a source of branefail! *kicks side effects*

        • No actual treating happened :-(

          They just got me to travel 157 miles for a ten minute chat about the allergies I don't have and my blood thickness. *woe*

          That said, the new-ish pills might be giving me epic nightmares. *eeps*
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