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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The upbeat post about getting the brane treated with little needles…

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welsh: headdesk
The upbeat post about getting the brane treated with little needles of botox nerve sleep -- didn't work out as planned.

What I got was a ten minute preliminary chat about the procedure which they hope to do some time in November. There were a couple of questions where the answers were in my referral papers and a general caution about not using NSAIDs for five days beforehand. It took longer to get the transport money than the whole appointment and, quite frankly, I want to cry right now. I just thought they would stick in some needles and see what happen, instead, we travelled 157 miles for a short chat with a perfectly nice consultant. Apparently, my headaches are global. All I want is for them to stop, please, for a bit...

On the more amusing side, I read my first (and hopefully last) issue of Heat Magazine in the waiting area. My response: uh, people pay for this?

What doesn't seem like an "advertorial" for Peacocks features a report about a (alleged celebrity and his) cock, with a helpful tape measure down the side in case you don't know what eight (alleged) inches look like and the (alleged celebrity) girlfriend photo-texted it to the editorial team, who just about managed to write eight inches of coverage about it (but a very spread out eight inches - formatting justified for maximum fill-age) and waste a whole bunch of trees on something as substantial as the (alleged) cock.

Strangely, venting about this makes me feel better: WIN!!
  • I'm sorry you weren't able to get the treatment and some relief!!!!

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