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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Status Update -- Due South Canon Question

Status Update -- Due South Canon Question

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fraser and ray: duet
This week has been 90% disaster and 10% nifty. Or (otherwise) 80% in bed with my lovely migraine. [if something sounds like a band name "my lovely migraine is a shoo-in].

In other news, I am digging out my clothes drawers and have bought something nice but pointless from a charity shop [it's hard to explain - pictures later].

The Due South question: in "they eat horses, don't they" what is the name of the supermarket/meat-packing business? I have a rare case of writer-i-tus.

Strike that, I have a work-around that works:
and Ray Kowalski stepped into the rain after yet another boring back-biting meeting in the back room of the meat-packers where his father used to work. His father also used to have a son.
  • Ah, that's a great work around! Sorry about your migraine. Wish there were a way to fix that.
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