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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Seven-Year-Olds | Cross Stitch

Seven-Year-Olds | Cross Stitch

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fraser: lost boy
I'm still not feeling all that terribly dynamic and with a sore throat from wrangling 80 kids at one of our KS2-history-workshop-things. In other news, I'm unlikely to do that Doctor Who name thing as "archaeological administrative assistant typist and tea maker" does not sound cool. Mosaics are cool. Also, more kids tomorrow, so my throat should pull its socks up and behave. I am currently experimenting with a coke to see whether its intended use - cough/throat liquid - actually works. Also known as "buzzy drinking caffeine far too late into the evening if she wants to sleep".

Seesh, for a short note that is rather long. ;-)

In the meantime, here are some new pictures of my immense cross-stitch project, otherwise known as the Angel of Love. All 17 inches of her! And for people who really want to expand their minds, there is a close-up picture of all that shiny beading. Eventually, that is going to be 3000+ beads. I think I need to order extra.

not as bad as I thought
slightly sideways angel of love nov11

<td>Angel of Love - November 2011</td>
  • beautiful beading and stitchery. I'm awed as usual. If I tried this, my fingers would be enfeebled for weeks and my eyes would be so non-functional.
    • I really like beading, but this project might be bordering on crazy. I've been going all evening and I have just about covered 2 inches and run out of matching thread (oops!). That said, I'm in town tomorrow, so I can get more even at scary wool-shop prices (getting towards £1/skein).
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