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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

due south point of interesting idea

due south point of interesting idea

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vecchio: study hard
(okay, I still have these things but haven't done any writing for ages)

(and this one might get used in the massive AU project)

(or, thinking about it, the scissor sisters songfic thing)

(anyone for armando/billy?)

(so, here is the interesting rumination)

So, Armando Langoustini is the Bookman. And maybe that's because he's the guy who handles the money side of the business, or is actually the guy who handles HR and the more boring side of running an apparently legit crime empire...

And maybe he's the man who authorises the "cleaning up" cleaners and makes sure that blood gets the cola treatment etc...

Maybe he likes to get back to the floor sometimes

Or believes in "personal service" for his more high-profile clients

That's the fatal kind of client

Maybe he believes a little advertising goes a long way.

Which is why Frankie Zuko's body is found with a dictionary next to it.

A page-corner has been turned down, and an entry has been circled -- "monster"

It's just one of those little courtesy touches that really MAKE a business.

{and yes, the frankie bit is related to the ever-hiatused music AU otherwise known as POET -- and Frankie is something of a scheming murderous bastardliability
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