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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I am feeling really really tired right now. I should start stitching…

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I am feeling really really tired right now. I should start stitching before I fall to sleep on my keyboard. I found a cross-stitch pattern I rather like Merchant mermaid but I am resisting buying it (and the metric shedload of assorted beads - which I'd have to import from the US to take it down from "very very expensive" to "expensive">.

Also, don't ask about benefit forms - somebody has moved the gateposts and I am not very amused -- complicated task has gone from "buy food and prepare dinner" to "use washing machine". Also, unless I shoot my own leg off, I don't fancy my chances. /rant

[political responses/ comments not appreciated, FYI]
  • So pretty! I almost want that as a tattoo!
  • It is lovely, but if you're like me, you've got a ton of projects waiting that would be far less expensive. Still, the shiny of the new is always so tempting.

    Washing machines can be so confounding!!!!
    • too much price comparison going on here

      I've just found the ultimate turn-off. Without DMC and with US prices - the specials and fabric came to £47 without considering postage and customs. And that was the SALE price! Eeep!

      In the UK, the total cost (inc DMC) would be around £110, or so my favourite website tells me.

      And their prices are pretty darn low (spool of Kreinik metallic thread = £3.20) compared with one of biggest most-advertised companies (spool = £5.00) who are pretty darn shameless. Especially since one of the big magazines always has "from Company X" after anything more interesting than basic floss and not available at the average local wool shop.

      (for comparison, getting my kreinik from the US comes out as £2.20 a reel without postage, which might explain why I always get the big project threads from there and hang the 4-6 week basic mail time)

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