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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Adventures in Cake!

Adventures in Cake!

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frannie yellow
I made some cakes for the Top Secret Tell-No-One event at "work" tomorrow. It was a spaced out not quite disaster. I kept pouring in the wrong things, misreading instructions (although they were in french to start with) and trying to determine if said cake was set. TIP: if you shake the cake and the top goes wooble and tries to imitate the sea, it isn't cooked (however much the French instructions say otherwise).

Other than that, I am more than a little tired out here.
  • i don't believe the French have met Mr. Toothpick and his wonderful ability to determine the done-ness of cake. But maybe they have an consider him too vulgar?
    • I've always gone for a nice scary-looking skewer but I think they might have special magic ovens.

      [and I am not talking about the little pink ones with light bulbs in them -- that bit makes sense as only 10% of the power going into old-school bulbs actually produces light; the rest of it just gets very hot. I have seen weird hybrid heaters in old terrace houses with a downstairs loo.]

      The cake seems to have gone down well. Two people snatched second slices to take home. I don't upset little old ladies so I let them and wrapped them in tinfoil.
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