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The Top Secret Secret Tell-No-One Event Finally Happens!

After weeks of preparation, serious buzzy housework, elaborate step-by-step plans and two months worth of designing the New Display... It came to the Totally Top Secret Special Event at "work" and my boss ends up in bed with the flu. Considering it was going to be 50:50:50

Book Launch : How I Am So Awesome : How All My Fabulous Team Members Are Totally Awesome...

it was something of an anticlimax. We all feel really sorry for Our Noble Leader. He's been incredibly excited by the whole Book Launch and invited some Important People. The PM says his schedule is somewhat tight and leading the country takes up a great deal of his time. The Queen says it was quite remarkable that she was not the only person with a Diamond (60) Jubilee and how wonderful it was to hear about Our Noble Leader's 60 years of Archaeological Action after setting up OUR AMAZING TEAM when he was twelve*. I was on Cake Duty and bought tons of cake [seriously, the co-op is great for cheap/bogof cake] and brought two of mine along. People really like my cakes. :-)

*seriously, not many archaeological rescue groups are founded by 12-year-olds but ours was.
*one speech -- "There is nobody quite like Our Noble Leader; thank God!"
Tags: archaeology on mars, the wonderful world of volunteering

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