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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm just having one of those horrible "I think too much" days…

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dief: Dief cry
I'm just having one of those horrible "I think too much" days courtesy of the depressing depression. Besides the realisation that I was falling apart at university for much longer than I ever wanted to know. How much opportunity I should have had never happened, how much normal that never happened. Why I am a 28-year-old back living her 14-year-old life (without the escape prospects of exams and university) and hanging around with the over-60s. I've never had a career, have never put together a house deposit, met somebody I want in that house... and right now I am so angry and crying and there's just nothing. Bbd seems to be trying to jolly me out of it, but I am fed up of being enthused for doing the dishes. And, no, I don't want to plan archaeological days out for the next holiday. And "but you've got me!!!" answer when I point out the great plains of sheer nothing in my life.

Happy thought: how many thimbles I've sold at "work" this week? Every one in the desk.
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