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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

economic truths can be solved with CUPCAKES and other exciting news

economic truths can be solved with CUPCAKES and other exciting news

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hugh house
Hello, another post from the epic ground-hog town of Dover, where everything happens on a long and repetitive cycle of failed town development plans, empty shops and everyone saying it is worse in Margate. For benefit, Margate got a new shiny TATE for regeneration, we are not so economically doomed as we have a large business start up rate and they get the shiny. For some reason the people who write those reports never look at our larger business close down rate. By my calculation new businesses shut down at twice that rate. And supposedly more viable, longer term business are upping sticks at about the same rate.

Now for the non-economic un-doom and anti-gloom report.

We have established that Knit and Natters do not need to hear about my archaeological holidays and how many really cool dead cities we can visit. They are marginally more interested in the Turkish tea trade. Probably because it has tea in it. I settled for an apple sprinkled cupcake (which is frankly bizarre given the when/where location) and more blue milk. (nobody says silver-top any more even if Tesco still sells gold-top)

(incidentally, how many modern motorists have ever actually seen a camera that looks like the one on speed camera sites? I think accordion shaped wet plate cameras are not available from Argos)

Failing that, I have alerted Knittin' Momma to the new book knitting for gold, a how-to guide for knitting your own Olympic Team. Considering she has already been trying to knit an Olympic torch (long story) I look forward to greatness.

(I am _so_ calling her Knittin' Momma until the end of time, or I get bored, whichever comes along first)
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