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I am so tied right now. Spending 2 and 1/2 days at "work" might be to blame.

The returning school with the geography teacher of serious deliciousness were back. French schoolkids are so-so (although these were well behaved most of the time) by that guy is so beyond so-so I can't speak. SERIOUSLY cute and his "poor english" sounds better than a lot of the english english that some of the local Responsible Adults speak. Responsible Adults are another kettle of fish and that is a different story.

Now, destiny find me somebody like that.

Otherwise, desk duty is really boring, I even made little labels for the book sale but my true flash of genius was:

Was £24

Still £24!

In other news, The ever-lovely EQ sent me a Christmas present. The original got et by the great festive mail sorting shambles. So, she insisted on buying me another, I insisted that she save her money and keep her student stipend healthy. Clearly, she is better at insisting than I am. So I am now the happy and charmed owner of an apple-shaped felt needle book with embellishments. Which is much less prosaic and much cuter than that description.

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