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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Yesterday found me with a group of kids who were possibly the best…

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animal: omg llamas!
Yesterday found me with a group of kids who were possibly the best and brightest schoolkids I have ever had. They were amazingly cute and knew things that most secondary pupils "doing" the Romans. One of them raised their hand during the clothing demonstration and explained how imperial purple was made from lots of teeny tiny sea snail shells. And these were eight-year-olds!

They also managed to figure out the game all on their ownsome, which made me feel a little redundant. On the up side, ONL seems to like the new buzzy!talk.

Yesterday rocked, today is just totally do-nothing tired apathy day. I also seem to have started a sensation over at ds_noticeboard which feels very strange right now. It seems that Mountie overseas liaison officers really do exist. I'm not what to do with that happy little thought but I'm sure somebody to think of something.

BTW, the link to all the excitement and lots of people explaining Mountie armament is here; really big guns

Seriously, there could be a joint operation with the Flashpoint team and Ed and friends would feel under-equipped by a long way. Seriously, how many really big guns and killer planes do you need? Okay, that was hypothetical. No need to answer there.

Just to say the mountie in Ray's head has something to say:
It was still a uniform to be proud of, even if the younger members were more impressed with the American-style tactical uniform…

There was no fucking gun, not even a pea-shooter.

… there is some kind of juvenile amusement in regard to “really big guns”.
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