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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Another of those I just want to sleep entries. Sleeping seems very…

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ray-ray: stuck in the middle with you
Another of those I just want to sleep entries. Sleeping seems very attracting right now.

How I can get so tired when my life is so content-free? It's not as if I have anything major to do - I don't think laundry and lunch are either physical or mental challenges. Except when the Brane thinks different. Then everything turns to hiding out in bed.

How are things so turgid tiring me out. Ignoring the long unsendable email on why the whole "Anti Porn Crusade" the Daily Mail is so keen on doesn't work and is technologically impossible, and that is leaving the free-speech, censorship issues and invoking the Great (FIRE)wall of China.

For people who don't know me better, brane is my lovely medical condition. Specifically a nifty combination of persistent migraine, other headaches and (a lovely new addition) very minor epilepsy. Apparently, I am one fit over the start-line so I get some lovely extra medication. Brane has been examined and is not any serious neurological condition. It likes tests. It really enjoys new tests and semi-experimental treatments.

Brane's sole activity is brane!hate.
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