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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Englanders will have seen that advert; the one with a garden…

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fraser: cartoon
Englanders will have seen that advert; the one with a garden weed-puller thing. It's incredibly corny:

Nice guy in garden sees neighbour with a shiny new toy, a Weed Puller 3000. Asks what it does, gets a demonstration about the new Weed Puller 3000. It has changed the neighbour's life! The Weed Puller 3000 is the most well-designed Weed Puller and has super-blades and pulls out 95% of all tap roots! It sounds very good. The Weed Puller 3000 doesn't just pull weeds, it makes it fun! At last, weeding the garden is enjoyable! Have a go! OMG - that feels so good! Now I can feel manishly strong in my suburban garden. It pulls out my aggression and makes me feel like I have...


Of course, bbd saw one when he visited his best friend. Found it absolutely amazing! Had to borrow it and pull out half our front lawn. Everyone should do it! Mother, brother, everyone! It is so satisfying! It makes me feel like I have just piloted a jet plane with my eyes closed!

So, bbd now has his own Weed Puller 3000!

It is totally better than the Unwanted Plant Spray 100 and the Weed Flambé Fire Thrower! I think I'm waiting for the next generation of Weed Laser Death 4000 and it will have the same power of cool and manly satisfaction!
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