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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Little Boxes - Everyone has one - Every one is different - Fic Thing

Little Boxes - Everyone has one - Every one is different - Fic Thing

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plot carrot
In "The Power of Three" (original title "Cubed"), the Doctor Who team faced a new challenge.

Little black boxes everywhere which didn't really do much of anything. People took them home and used them as paperweights, propped up tables, pet rocks... And nothing happened. They just sat there. Everyone got bored and moved on, the Doctor hates being bored. He does all his boredom in Amy and Rory's lounge after he invited himself in and took up wii tennis. Everyone was bored and just left the cubes lying around. Except Rory's Dad, Brian, who maintained 24-hour surveillance and kept a video diary in case the Doctor wanted to know, later.

Then, on Day 70, they did Something. And none of them did the same Something.

The Doctor got shot by lasers, Amy got a weird heart monitor, Brian got a box that moved, Rory got an annoying peek-a-boo box... there were boxes that hit people, boxes that floated, boxes that turned two people into hoover-mouth monsters, boxes that played the Birdie Song incessantly, boxes that scanned the internet...

So, I thought, what happened with other people's boxes. Like due South people, or Six Degrees people, or Hockey people, or Avengers people...

You get the idea. Do you want to play?

Short Version: Give Your Crush A Cube

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