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I'm not sure about the glass houses, but will stick to heritage-sector buildings

My boss just said, "that man is pretentious beyond belief, he has ten letters after his name and he insists on using all of them... even when he sends in a Self-Addressed-Envelope"

Of course, my boss only has *counts* more than four letters after his name. Although he gets bonus points for obscurity, unlike Mr Ten-Letters [who probably would kill for a hyphen in his name and manages to repeat O.B.E twice* (I didn't think you could get an O.B.E twice)] since my boss belongs to a Society Most People Think Hasn't Existed Since 1900 Or So. Ooh. That makes 10! My boss would love that, but not as much as turning up to a conference with 11. That, without saying, would be the same Conference as Mr 10. Mr 10, applies to my boss the "official organizer" whose address is strangely familiar (my workplace) and that application has, of course, ten letters.

ETA: Actually, that would be 13 letters: 10 for his name and three for the SAE!)

*dies giggling* <--- should that bit be in italics too?

In other news, the brane doth HATE and wrecked the homework I handed in this morning. :-(

*I know that this is a tautology. Can I write it off as rhetorical?
Tags: archaeology on mars, brane, i love brackets

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