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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I Think I Want to Cry Now -- Screw This -- I AM CRYING NOW --

I Think I Want to Cry Now -- Screw This -- I AM CRYING NOW --

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fraser: lost boy
One of those days where I do nothing of any interest, even to me.

This it how it feels when somebody tramples on:

-- Something I Believe In --

Well, the school yesterday got poached by the Other Local-Tax-Funded Museum in town. Lovely. The Tourist Office conveniently decided to share premises and told School that we were CLOSED and they should book with the Museum instead. The real reason? We don't man the building on Mondays and we have an answer machine... the School probably needed to confirm and then asked Tourist Office which, un-un-expectedly tell the School how crap we are and that we were never there and then not handed them our out-of-hours emergency number.

So, I didn't get to teach 26 seven-year-olds about Archaeology and how Preserving the Past Builds the Future. The 26 seven-year-olds learnt how to be Financially Avaricious and Poach the Competition and bill the School more for the Benefit. Lovely. We have a 50% Cancellation Fee that we will not actually demand or ask for. Because we are nice people, who tell Schools that they can combine their visit with the Other Museum. And guess what?! They don't reciprocate on that one either.

[And this is not vicious pie-in-the-sky cynicism -- This is what SCHOOLS tell us about. Epic Fail. Three cheers for the Local Tax Authority, who charge us land rent and could probably/certainly evict us if we don't make the rent. Most of which is, guess what?, school visits and they are our only reliable income. So, we have lost - IMHO - fifty per cee of our schools numbers this year. Wooo-Deee-Woop]


Makes you feel great for being a Volunteer Educator at a struggling Heritage Centre.

Doesn't it?
  • god, i sound like I am on the verge of turning in to the incredible hulk


    The number one problem is the local council, who have a long history of not liking us. The other problem is that we have a long history of not liking them. There are good reasons and some (very old) bones of contention. Don't go into them, it could take all day -- personally I think somebody needs to grow up and stop sulking although if only one side wants it that is pretty impossible.

    The other point is that local government would find their life much easier if we aren't in the way and are ruthlessly killing their way through their own museums (one down) their own heritage centre (sold for £1 to regional government to avoid the repair bill) and moved the information office into the main museum (to stop having to fund a separate office in the space of the dead museum)


    The number one thing is that it is inevitable that we are going to fail/collapse sometime in the next five years and only two people are willing to admit that and one of them is me. I get very fed up with certain people who just keep citing the grudge-match from 40+ years ago every time I propose to change anything from the price of postcards to the faintest possibility of getting decent grants (albeit with shoe-strings) and growing up. Our volunteer base is currently 60+ and diminishing for very predictable reasons. This mentality pushes away potential volunteers (certain people's sexist behaviour doesn't not help much - girls do not automatically make tea when asked) and - that the volunteer bureau is that far *demonstrates* off from black-listing us.

    The short thing is: don't mention the huge hole in the ship when it starts leaking, don't try to patch it from the outside, sink on board it and refuse all life rafts.


    Most places, though, local government actually does help. Well, most places, I hope. We have a sister-site where their council built their cover building, sponsored it and printed all the leaflets.

    We built our own cover building to short standards as we couldn't afford to hire heritage-centre-planners and barely had the cash we raised ourselves. So our building is falling to bits, the lighting system is failing and the electrics are "interesting". We pay rent to the local council. And we print our own bloody leaflets, which strangely disappear as soon as we distribute them to local hotels etc.

    God, I sound amazingly cynical about this, so sorry about the dumping. We also got broken into this week, but we had bugger all worth stealing. :-( and a loud but unhelpful alarm system.

    p.s. the local council have zilch to do with education, that is regional government who do it with money funded by the big-G Government.

    Edited at 2012-10-18 04:56 pm (UTC)
    • Re: god, i sound like I am on the verge of turning in to the incredible hulk

      So can you guys actually get or qualify for any grants? Because it sure sounds like y'all need it. :(
      and wow! a 40 yr turf war is unreal?? gah. I really suck at giving these kinds of advices which is why i prefer to give e-hugs and sympathy instead. Now burglars too?
      As a small biz I can totally understand why you get angry about the strangely disappearing distributed leaflets. It happens to us all the time. =(

      The U.S. would be fun to visit but you'd be scared to stay here. :( We are the most backwards 1st world nation.
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