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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Yippee Yay! I am NOT CRAZY

Yippee Yay! I am NOT CRAZY

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hugh house
If you were reading a couple of days ago, you will have found my report about the HEADACHE CONSULTANT; If this doesn't give you a head-ache then I think you should become a psychologist and diagnose her.

So, the catch-up version:

The HEADACHE CONSULTANT declared that I suffer from NOT REAL HEADACHES and that she can only start treating my NOT REAL HEADACHES until I see a PSYCHOLOGIST and he confirms her DIAGNOSIS of my NOT REAL HEADACHES and treats them with SPECIAL THINKY THERAPY until all the NOT REAL HEADACHES dissolve in a mass of VERY INTERESTING MEDICATION and I will realise that my NOT REAL HEADACHES are NOT REAL HEADACHES but a lack of COPING STRATEGIES to deal with my BODY DISORDER which creates NOT REAL PAIN and so my NOT REAL HEADACHES.

I am sure that is delightful, except for the bit where I have been treated for serious anxiety that came with irrationally blaming my headaches on various psychological flaws. I now have very shiny coping strategies, thank you very much, Ms Scary Brain Consultant.

My regular Doctor says he completely agrees with me that I am no more crazy than I have ever been. And says he sure as hell isn't going to refer me anywhere psychological. He is going to try and get me back into the Head Injection Clinic, which actually works.

In other news, I am currently trying to typw properly and get the lteers in the right order. Spellchecker is my friend. Except when it isn't -- it gets a little stumped when I try to spell "psychography". Also, I am currently stitching very fast as bbd is getting older on the 10th and I have a present which is definiately not old enough and is in serious need of a growth spurt.
  • This is good news and I'm hoping that the treatments will help.
  • thank goodness there are still some people who know what they are doing helping you.
  • Oh god, that reminds me of every time my sister's doctors get frustrated with her myriad of diagnoses, they go "oh, it must be anxiety"

    yes, I'm so sure that anxiety causes my sister to have lyme disease. That wacky anxiety!

    Edited at 2012-11-02 08:40 pm (UTC)
    • They did the same thing with my brother and his joint problems, they had to be fictional and my brother was just a BAD BOY who couldn't walk the drive leading up to the school or play football etc. (He had incredibly sadistic games masters anyway -- I thought they were a cliche, but no they do exist as do annual compulsory cross-country races. ) and (wahay!) we eventually got neural sensitivity (aka fibromyala) with joint hypomobility (aka lousy tendons that move the wrong way) so I totally get what happened with your sister and I hope that you have kicked the shit out of the consultants. {Which is what I really wanted to do when I visited him shoe-horned into the children's ward} I could go on, but I just get very angry (if I had a psychological condition I don't have - it would be this)
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