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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello Internet People I've been stitching like a maniac this week or…

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hugh house
Hello Internet People

I've been stitching like a maniac this week or so. BBD has seen his (very unfinished) present. This has the bonus that instead of hiding in my room doing it, I can lurk in the lounge. The lounge is far superior -- it beats swinging around in my chair to look at pattern, then swivelling back to get my theard and then whirling around to read my chart.

I am so fed up with this pattern, the amount of unpicking is obseen and varigated flos in unusual compelex shapes is not my friend. Oh, and beside the very many unpicks, I have to order more hand-dyed (real silk) silk which will be from a different batch number so joy to the world.
  • Good luck with your stitching. I'm done some, but not nearly enough. I'll never be done by Christmas.
    • endless cross-stitch bitching *sorry*

      I'm doing one of these -- typically insanely over-ambitious -- so no change from normal. I keep telling everyone that the blasted thing is jinxed.

      And then you look at the next one in the series and just slump in front of the screen. It looks so much clearer and better defined, the colours might actually go with something (other than my bedroom carpet -- vanishing thread is not funny) and _most importantly_ the multicolour floss is used in a way that does not inspire total insanity. Don't try using the stuff around corners (I've done that, it's not too terrible) but really don't use it on swirly easter egg shaped segments. That is so not fun, it's incredible. Do you do it long-ways or short-ways and then what happens when your long-ways suddenly turns into short-ways without any turning room.

      So much stitching blather, it's just so frustrating! The one thing I really like about the chart is that stitches are symbols @ but beads are numbers 1. That is wonderful.

      You always like the thing more than the endless bitching it starts. It's not awful to stitch and quite fun until I have to unpick the stuff. Also, multi-page patterns are not love if you are trying to do a motif over a four-page junction without much in the way of fitting it together help. :-(

      The worse bit is that I actually fancy some of her other charts. I should remember that I need to buy a shed-load of £2.80 floss to make up for all the unpicking and long tails.
      • Good lord! That is ambitious! Good luck with it.

        I enjoy stitching, too, but sometimes it's frustrating.
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