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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

At "work" ONL: Why does my tea taste of soup? Other news: BBD and…

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hugh house
At "work"
ONL: Why does my tea taste of soup?

Other news: BBD and the Mummy Frog are going on holiday to the Nile tomorrow to sail around and look at temples and get hot. Sadly, MF thinks that Dosk and I are incapable of feeding ourselves (dinners, selected carefully, in freezer; lunch options it red notebook) using domestic appliances (this is how to use the washing machine, how to open the freezer and close it) and taking my meds (no, I do not want a day-by-day granny pill pod thing -- and stop it with the emotional blackmail) and going out (not having "work" next week 'makes things simpler') and using kitchen appliances (if you make bbd a birthday cake, do not use the food processor) and this is driving me around the bend and...

honestly, I am not that useless (except it seems, my parents think I am)

and it feels like they are leeching away my inner energy - I just feel so empty inside

and it sucks muchly


What I really want to say is, don't you think I worry too? At least the worst thing that can happen is undercooked sausages here. We are not the ones going to a distinctly unstable country which the Home Office is currently rating as "be very careful"
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