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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

this post might be dangerous to your hair

this post might be dangerous to your hair

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fraser: I want to break free
Back to being trapped in a Little Box on a Hill Side (literally) with my favourite fluffbudget. *fail*

Oh, at work, ONL decided what really needed painting was the draw-bridge. We just have one - actually two, but nobody uses the sally port except us. So he used white gloss. Outside.

Washed hair this morning -- brushed it -- seriously terminal giant dandruff -- got worried.

It was only when I "swooshed" in front of the mirror much later that I found more of the stuff sliding down my hair.

Guess what! White gloss paint. I've never had my hair coloured before. :-)
  • this conjures up images of that cat pepe le pew was always chasing! you know how the cat would accidentally lean on objects with wet paint and then would appear skunk-like? You are lucky you weren't seen by the skunky illuminati! :)
    • Don't get ONL started on the "illumanati" -- he thinks there are "sinister forces" in our town.

      He might have a point: nobody could be as useless as the local council!
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