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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

unproductive, undead and unenthused

unproductive, undead and unenthused

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I am so tired it is stupid.

I've got 2 x 45 kids tomorrow, so why am I feeling so knackered now?

Also, bbd and the mummyfrog have just worked out that they have about 1200 holiday snaps from Egypt.

ETA: Radio 4 has done a documentary about slash and fanfiction -- it was on when bbd picked me up and he was trying to explain how weird some of that slash stuff sounded -- the idea of Dracula and Harker getting it on -- I owned up to wing!fic. Actually, it was really smart, funny and not too toe-curling. They also made some interesting comments on how fandom feels about 50 Shades of Dulux* and how the inter-fan collaboration feedback model feels about how their contribution being monetised. Uh, something like that. The bits about wing!fic and Mary Sue were more fun and interesting. Also, a gay author on slash -- "I've always called it writing dirty stories" -- and how if it makes somebody happy, they should go and keep writing dirty stories.

*it's a brand of house paint -- I thought this was really funny when I first thought it.
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