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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Nice and Toasty

Nice and Toasty

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dS manga: ben with wings
I've got back from "work" after 28 "actually quite nice" seven year-old kids and some "really annoying" mother/helpers. I'm not sure why I put the last bit in speech-marks. They are really annoying. There are good mummies and daddies and then there are the other mummies and daddies.

Today's "really annoying" mother/helper decided that the group shouldn't relocate to the next activity section, because one of the kids had "only" three lines left to complete. Then "helped" kids buying souvenirs -- you could buy that or you could get three of these and one of those and how about getting one of them. *fail* *frantic fail*

So, now I'm home and surprisingly roasty - toasty and feeling pretty good.
  • I see it at my work all the time: parents who want to be friends with their kids rather than be parents. They need a slap.
    • They just don't get that they are there as "Responsible Adults" not to wander around and look at exhibits, get under my feet, helicopter parent their kids and ignore the rest...

      The annoying one today "helped" every kid in the group buy something and this snarled everything up. Explaining that 2 pounds doesn't get you 3 pounds of cute little mouse statue is fine by me. Drawing out the whole process and managing to confuse me, the kid and the guy serving is not on. The result was me playing "back up" in the shop when I should have been dealing with the other kids at touch-table. At which point everything goes to hell, the rotation system crashes and I have ten wriggly, noisy and over-excited kids on hand who do not want to sit down and learn about mouseburgers.

      That said, I bought the only girl without pocket money a Roman soldier.
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