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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

facts of Life (the Charlie Crews version)

facts of Life (the Charlie Crews version)

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fraser and ray: duet
Okay, that is disturbing. I begin to fill out the subject line of this post and el-jay "helpfully" pops up a list of previous post titles once I tap in the first letter. This is more disturbing than anything else. Why would I want to write about Lady Caroline Lamb more than once? Now, I am trying to find a letter that doesn't set this sanity-destroying weirdness.

Okay, on to the actual post thing. There's an episode with a Santa elf (who Charlie rugby tackles in a mall full of holiday shoppers, kids visiting Santa, and a carol choir -- once again, proving him to be completely inappropriate) and a present-wrapping racket substituting fruit cake for x-boxes.

Now, a while back I went to dinner with Suzy Quiltmaker and bought my own fruit-cake (which was viewed with suspicion until she tried it) and she tried to explain why "fruit cake" is something you make jokes about the weight, taste and general misfortune of having aunts that bake. Now this makes sense.

I will point out that my fruit cake has nothing in common with the criminal cakes.

Oh and the lamp I "won" from Amazon's Grey Thursday (it was too lacklustre to be a Black Friday and maybe was more of a Grubby Tuesday) has turned up! In a box, in a box, in a box, in a box...

And Charlie Crews is always inappropriate and that is why I *heart* him.
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