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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Oh ho ho ho! This is that new interface they were talking about!…

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hcl: joenbilly
Oh ho ho ho! This is that new interface they were talking about!

Today the brane doth HATE. It is vigorous and dynamic today. Well, somebody here has to be!

This new interface is making my eyes go funny, maybe my meds really don't like pineapples, or the brane is going funny. I will go with door 3, Bob.

Yesterday, we went to WC (westwood cross - local shopping thing place complex - don't try and find the other wc there - it is up a huge number of stairs - I suspect evil commercial architects) and that is a really long digression, sorry. Comet is going down with all hands (electricals, administration) so I nabbed myself my first ever baby laptop thing (a lie - I had a windows 95 baby that was essentially my uni word-processor) that can do things that are interesting! It's ex-display but I don't have issues as long as nobody had messy fingers.

So, that was nice. Losing about £100 off the original price was good and then somehow I lost another £15 or so and got a new free charger. Woo! We also went to hobby-craft and they had 20% off cross-stitch kits and I had a 25% voucher, which pulled everything down to fairly reasonable prices. The one with butterfly and an Anchor kit from Romania?! Whu! They also had Mill Hill embroidery beads at the most reasonable (normal) price. *wins* Unfortunately, I didn't remember that I had acquired (elsewhere) one of these and needed two packets of micro seed beads. Humpf.

But I had a really good time yesterday which is why BRANE is having such a bro-ha-ha today and getting in contact with its old friend neck muscle cramps dysfunction. Ouch!
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