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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I hate trouchpads. My external dvd eats up two usb ports (one…

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hugh house
I hate trouchpads.

My external dvd eats up two usb ports (one communicating and one sucking the life out of my battery).

We had kidlets at "work" today and another set tomorrow. I love it when schools split their kids over two days (it's much better on the sanity and we don't charge extra) and these were nice ones, including some adorable baby ghurkas (spelling?). Number one reason why I hate touchpads, is that I I can see those little red dots under my spelling experiments but can't click them to sort out the whole mess.

Also, never let ONL know where you are spending your lunch break -- he always has a parcel that just needs dropping into the post office... twenty minutes/nine little old ladies later... went to the Tuesday market (which is very much a new thing in delightful Dover) and have a Turkish guy talk me into buying more baklava. If you are stuck in delirious Dover, buy something off the fudge man (coconut = yum) and I'm not just saying this because he is generous with the free samples. :-)
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