little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

I am so flipping tired right now.

ONL has a computer problem but ONL is in One Town while PC is in Other Town.

One very cautious and worried phone call. Very strange.


Oh and I did some typing for ONL today -- I titled the file "Top Secret Confidential Document" for some reason ONL thinks this might be a bad idea.

Also, we have Archaeology Porn in office: two people have been drooling over samian moulds.

[samian is a kind of roman pottery - glossy, red tableware with raised moulded patterning. there are samian geeks and then there are SAMIAN GEEKS, fortunately ONL is a lower-case geek or he would never let go of the book. samian does that kind of thing to people.]
Tags: archaeology on mars

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