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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

And another thing (in which I am unbalanced)

And another thing (in which I am unbalanced)

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hugh house
JJB sport still hasn't shut down in town yet. They are probably pushing all the remaining warehouse stock through it. T' other day I went past and it had "new stock: bikes" outside. Talking to mummyfrog and my ever-lovely brother, I explained that I have always fancied a tricycle since I won't fall off it.

Quote the brother:
"Buzzy, you will find a way!"

It takes genius to fail cycling proficiency. I nearly managed it twice. Then the instructors realised that I would only succeed if I was off the bicycle.

[signalling sometimes, falling off sometimes, failing tests all the time]
  • can you ride a bicycle?

    My sister and prev. room mate cant ride bicycles. Thy just never learned and there are no helpful resources for adults to learn in my area.
    • Technically, yes.

      I just fall off when I signal and I have never really cycled anywhere. [ shops, school and the recreation ground don't count ] My balance is pants [always] and I have a notoriously slow response time [at everything].

      Year Six at my school [10-11yo] all went on [education authority sponsered] cycling courses. In my [damned big] village, there are lots of bungalows and no traffic around. I don't think they could get away with practising on real roads anywhere else. It was run by two very nice old ladies who clearly thought it would be awful if nearly everyone got their certificates and two didn't. So, whenever we were required to turn right, we dismounted and crossed the road on foot!

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