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Book meme, because bonspiel made me do it.

1. How many books do you own?

Way, way too many. Especially if you count my classics books.

2. Last book you bought?

Does the latest Planetary Trade paperback count? Or does it have too many pictures? Do comic complimations count? I picked up a weird annecdotey book from Unsworths in London for two pounds and read a bit of it on the train home and then didn't open it again and left it in my backpack. Impulse purchase of course. Last certainly not impulse purchase or full of pictures purchase was a copy of "The Long Firm" by Jake Arnott, which I picked up for two pounds in Canterbury, I've already read it in library copy.

Actually ,the last book I physically bought was shadowkitty's birthday present, that is "The Unadulterated Cat" by Terry Pratchett, the only book of cat jokes that is actually funny.

3. Last book you read?

Oh, this is awkward, I'm currently going through one of those "pick up book, read a bit, put it down and not gather up the ehthusiasm to pick it up again phases". The book I am at this moment reading is "History And Memory In Ancient Greece" by Gordon S Shrimpton, a guy who's a bit too fond of extended metaphors in academic books. It's about the pratice of history in the ancient world, so heads up bonspiel, and as far as I can tell the thesis is that ancient historians didn't analyse history so much as record group conceptions of events. You think that sounds complicated, try reading it.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me: In no particular order. The best way to describe these is formative, these books have a lot to answer for, like my prose style for starters and my sense of humour for seconds...

1. "Marked For Life" by Paul Magrs. Wonderful magic realism in a Northern council estate book. Probably what corrupted my teenage mind and turned me into the slasher that I am today. Disembodied hand sex rocks!
2. "Senor Vivo And The Coca Lord" by Louis de Bernieres, the best book he's ever written, honest. "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" is a pale anemic and frankly uninvolving imitation. The book I stuck on my UCAS (university admission) form because I a)like magic realism and b)like the mythologicising of the central character.
3. Everything by Terry Pratchett. Simple.
4. Whatever the first book of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C Werde is called in your locality. For some reason, the US and British editions have different titles. It's not that I still read it, but it has a delightfully subversive sense of humour and mucks around with fairy tales something wonderful and probably set me on the path to Pratchett. Can I stick, "So You Want To Be A Wizard" by Diane Duane in the same category please?
5. "Snaps Kelly And The Paper Monsters" by Joseph Ducke, for really obscure kids' book. It's still scarily hillarious, but probably went out of print immediately, I mean who wants to read about a boy named after breakfast cereal.
5a. (So I cheated, but these are very very formative) The Dr Who New Adventures as published by Virgin. Out of print since hmmm 1998, but so much better than the BBC tie-ins, by virtue of being real. In the sense that the Doctor's a manipulitve bastard when he has to be, the companions get drunk, swear and have sex (sometimes combining the three actions), oh and they were basically legal fanfiction, before I found out what fanfic meant. Also partly responcible for my love of tlong arc plots (the other thing is Claremont X-men). I have a nearly complete set, unfortunately, the ones I need are the hard to get ones. If I can name one in particular, "The Also People" by Ben Aaronovitch.

5. Five people you want to see do this meme:

Hmmm... papajoemambo (if he sees this), shadowkitty Beadles off to find people on f-list that bonspiel hasn't sicced on to this.

So I also nominate kijikun, minervasolo and rivulet027 and any other brave souls who ant to give me insight into their tortured psyches.

Am slightly distracted because the Dosk is simultaneously doing a Linux Computer use survey, and when 28% of respondants say they control their computers with their minds, you start worrying.

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