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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

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welsh: headdesk
Joy to the world. So far we've had some lovely presents:

  • The Heating Went: At least the controller has - hot water and sporadic heating. Bbd insists we have a new control unit but the buzzy foot thermometer disagrees.
  • A Puncture: earlier today, mummyfrog needs to be at the hospital in Canterbury and with the little skinny-spare-wheel things could get interesting
  • Computer Went Boom: BBD's computer died: the green pyrotechnics were a hint. Computer still covered under RTB (Return To Base) warranty, so bbd phoned and they organised pick-up. Half-an-hour later, with bbd heading for a leisurely bath, we had a delivery man on the door wanting to pick up a box. Panic. More Panic. Fitting computer into damp box very fast...

Tired now, must sleep, probably while doing the washing up.
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