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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

in which I feel like a slug and that slug feels like cake

in which I feel like a slug and that slug feels like cake

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hugh house
I just want to sleep (again) how does doing so little make me so tired?

On the anti-cake method: - LJ front page just pointed me at bakebakebake and apple muffin things. It is so cruel! They sound so nice! The oven is on! They sound really nice! I must remind myself that the American cup system means naff all to me. Therefore, it is all undo-able! I can't deal with cups!! So, I don't need apple muffins! And I need to stop obsessing about cake and visualising Cake Monday obsessively - will there be butterfly cakes, how about feeding mummyfrog butterfly cakes, wouldn't it be nice to eat butterfly cakes, nice homemade butterfly cakes with proper butter cream?

God, I'm hungry right now. Tonight is pizza night. It will be "Tesco Fineness: Italian Meats Stone Baked Pizza". I know because it has been every sodding Thursday for at least six months. I was not incredibly big on the thing to start with. I can taste it now. *fail*

  • Did they find and remove all the meat at Tesco that got adulterated with horse meat yet? :( I read that and was all sad in the news.

    oh and i like your new page design too! the stitching is lovely!

    Edited at 2013-01-24 07:56 pm (UTC)
    • It's old news- they did it as soon as the story broke. It turns out that a lot of chains source their "value" burgers from the same company. Which raises interesting questions about "price wars" etc.

      We normally do our big shop at Tesco (probably because I can see it out of my bedroom window - we are that close) and the local store is super-hyper-market size. (probably meaning half a wal-mart). That said, my mum is increasingly into coupon-ing, but you can't pick up those insane deals you see on tv - they're all locked to one per transaction, so unless you want to go through the check out four dozen times, it doesn't work like that. Mum had a thing for "extreme coupon-ing" shows. She's off work after a hand-op right now and I'd even take that over the endless holiday and property programmes.

      It's currently possible to watch "homes under the hammer" on four channels simultaneously. *sigh*
      • oh good! I'm glad they cleared that up. I wouldn't want my friends eating something that could make them ill. :3

        My mom used to be into extreme couponing, but thank goodness she has stopped! It was making everybody nuts around us. One reason was the rise of cellphone coupons. Since she doesn't have a smartphone and doesn't want to even learn all the features on her dumb-phone, the coupon madness eventually petered out.
        Tesco sounds a lot like Walmart actually, but I've never been to a Tesco so i wouldn't know.
        • endlessly too long and too irrelevant

          Tesco is Tesco (they stick out tentacles into over countries but they have given up in the US "fresh-and-something") and they seem to like Eastern Europe for some reason. They are the biggest chain and not entirely for nice reasons. They land-bank and run insane loss-leaders and have sock-puppets (I worked for one, it was a "stealth tesco")

          Wal-Mart bought ASDA and thought they were going to get an easy kill. What they got was a competitive nightmare. They also pissed off every other chain in the country (which is quite an achievement) and that is one of the things they really do better than Tesco.

          Our Tesco is about as huge as they go.

          Okay, enough talking about business practices of the Big Two. Now back to your regular programme. *snort* that was a bit funny. My mum isn't exactly insanely coupon-shopping but she tends to buy things that store well. She also has found a website that shows the front of every newspaper every day -- some of them run "spend x at y" promotions.

          Dad comes along and does a lot of the maths. He also points out to random shoppers how it is cheaper to buy two of something than buy the "discounted" double pack.

          Oh and we have a mountain of dark chocolate oat biscuits because "they don't often stock these". We have a cupboard full of the damn things. They are nice.

          We like soap promotions, my brother is obsessed with hand-washing and gets through a bar a day.

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