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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

(now I'm feeling nostalgic about random ficlet prompts)

(now I'm feeling nostalgic about random ficlet prompts)

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vecchio: study hard
Okay, it went like this, auto-complete in the chrome address-bar came up with a random livejournal url while I was tapping b-u-z and then hitting enter, so I ended up in one of my fanfiction posts from 2006. Which was frankly odd and frankly odder as I have not really thought about fanfiction much in the last couple of years and can't remember half the stuff I wrote (and certainly not around that period - things were not good) so I ended up rec-cing myself to myself and finding some of the results a little disturbing: Fanfiction that isn't exactly boring, isn't entirely gen, and is very odd: a selection of f-list mini fic (now I'm feeling nostalgic about random ficlet prompts)

I like the Jack Harkness background stories (this was 2006, strictly S1 territory) about killer bunnies and hamster tennis. Warning: implied death of small furry animals

And both of the dS ones starting with "Once upon a time there was a mountie called Fraser" -- the rest, uh, are either baffling, weird and a little bit uncomfortable.

Do any of you f-list fan-ficcers get embarrassed and nostalgic when confronted with their earlier works? Discuss.
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