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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Wham, bang, thank you, spam

Wham, bang, thank you, spam

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hugh huh (twitch)
I'm hoping I don't get another deluge of the stuff, but the wind's up and things feel a little electric.

Bbd went to hospital to have a mini-operation and feels very sore right now.

Things really are that exciting here. Sensible Eating Girl is feeling pretty pleased with herself (don't mention the apple pie and custard yesterday).

I am wondering whether I should send SAS (Smart American in Shorts) the biscornu I started doing and am about 1/2 through side one (the pattern was chosen in a hurry) or try a different pattern and get something more represenentive of my general style (seriously OTT and floral and fiddly) and just more shiny and something I'll feel more proud about.

Mummyfrog has pointed out that I have been lousy with UFOs lately and I've said I'd complete this one first and then decide. I just have that urge to put down/ throw this project for something shinier. I have done that a lot lately, the result is that nothing gets fricking done and I'm treading water on the Bbd birthday project again. I need to do some extra motivating here.

So, how are all you guys?
  • Doing okay except on the house repairs front. The roof and the plumbing gave my budget a pretty good hit this week.

    It's snowing right now and the temps dropped like a rock this week.

    Otherwise, I'm staying in and doing some reading and knitting.
  • I could use some extra recovery days this weekend, but otherwise ok.

    Tell Bbd to get well soon!
    • Currently, we have fed him ice-cream and tonight is spag bol without the spag -- he had nodules in his mouth/throat removed and now has stitches - ouch!
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