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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

not entirely sure this explanation makes sense -- January 2005 redux

not entirely sure this explanation makes sense -- January 2005 redux

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hugh house
Ugh! I'm trying to back track through my LJ to find dirt on the pills of suck. Those are topirimate, and I don't tolerate them, for starters I wound up crazycakes. So, the Consultant of Evil wants to put me back on them. So I am looking up the when/where/how/what details so that my GP can backtrack through my now computerised records (and that is the NHS win!) and get out some numbers and disturbedness.


Okay, start over. Once there were pills, they wrecked buzzy's life (real and academic and everything else) they were called Topirimate (an anti-epilectic -- general process of migraine treatment, keep throwing drugs until one sticks) and my Evil Consultant wants to put me back on them. That I don't want to do it, because I have told her I don't tolerate the things, when SHE KNOWS BETTER and it was "concurrent with painkiller overuse" (I wish) and I "hadn't given it a fair chance". This is why her last letter was (basically) character assassination.

Buzzy is looking for Proof and Data to nix this - so she is going through her entire LJ circa 2005 to get some juicy details and then get my GP to crank through my records (now computerised! go nhs!) and find the smoking gun. Other smoking guns are being requested from RL friends who had to baby-sit non-functional buzzy.
  • OMG I loathe topirimate. UGH. Awful. Otherwise known as 'a year of woolly's life she is never getting back'.

    It sounds like you aren't going to, but DO NOT let Evil Consultant put you back on them. They are THE DEVIL'S WORK.

    Edited at 2013-02-05 10:08 pm (UTC)
    • You know I've been saying "a year of buzzy's life she won't get back" a lot lately. ;-)

      Went to see my mild-mannered GP who said to show my stuff to the consultant. Respected my whatsit (hallucinations? even SHE must admit that is not a good thing) but...

      He added that they might be running out of drugs to treat me.

      *started wibbling*

      Head injections might not be available - no reply to GP letter, hospital merger, semi-experimental procedure

      *now very wibbly*
      *hits bottom*

      now I am going to read some fic and try to cheer myself up - I've also done most of the housework.
      • I'm so sorry, love. <3 I know what a horrible roller coaster it is, going on one med after another.

        They ran out of drugs to treat me, so I just looked for more and more non-drug ways to treat myself. I found that non-drug approaches worked best for me anyway. I don't know if it's the case for you, but don't despair because drugs have not provided the answer. It doesn't mean give up and lose hope, it just means that like for many, many people, mainstream medicine might not be the answer.

        I hope you feel better about things. xxxx
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