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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Looking for Recs (I've even used my gayest icon)

Looking for Recs (I've even used my gayest icon)

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vecchio: so together it hurts
Not my recs, just recs to read

Found the next one from lady_drace due South recs by: mostly MKRS authors

Skydeep - A due South gay club fic (long)

From bootsnblossomsat epic_recs here:

Strontium Chloride Red and Other Colours Sherlock and Bond - that has to be awesome!
ETA: Sherlock has more than one dysfunctional brother, this one is called Q - very recommended.

Haven't been reading anything very fan-ish for the last six months (at least) so if you've got something I must read. Say so now, or forever hold your peace
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