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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Do not drink tea with a straw (today's important life lesson)

Do not drink tea with a straw (today's important life lesson)

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hugh house
Today, I met a really cute comic-fan guy at the works (bookshop) and their gigantic heap of Marvel trades. His name is James and is as cute as he is tall. Hello.

I managed to tell him my name which is a 100% improvement on my guy talking skills -- not the ones about talking to guys about things, the other kind. He likes Warren Ellis and didn't know Gun Machine was out. It is. Read it.

Got the "Essential Power Man/Iron Fist 2" trade - [no frills, black and white, telephone directory style] and it is still pretty awesome (although you probably don't want to read it all in one go) and rather slash-tastic.

It makes you want to interview the boys. First up: Luke Cage

  • Power Man, do you know how tight your trousers are?
  • and why does everyone seem to be looking at your ass?
  • why do you always tell the bad guys you have bullet-proof skin?
  • come to think about it, why do you always tell everyone about your weight - 300lb - and how ripped you are?

Don't think you've escaped, Danny Rand!
  • Iron Fist, why does you costume split to the waist?
  • do you both like that ripped open shirt look?
  • you have a huge crush on Daredevil: this is not a question
  • it's not about Daredevil's amazing ninja skills, is it?
  • why do you work with mr angry?
  • have your meditation skills rubbed off on your partner?
  • you have a mystic punching power, why don't you just use it?

Why am I getting so much random spam? And it is very random everything from the cold sore virus to the more familiar dubious pills and a legal precedent thing... ?

Also, is my icon hot or what? *happy dance*
  • I'm planning on hitting up The Works to see what I can find to read on the train today. I really hope they have a couple in as I could really do with more Power Man/Iron Fist for the plots *shifty eyes*
    • I've just read an issue with really obvious dalek-rip-offs (they cry "incinerate") and a mysterious old man who promptly vanishes (after the action) and takes his (fake) book shop with him. I am surprised they didn't add a vworp-vworp sound. Seriously.

      Also, somebody seems to want to steal Iron Fist's shiny mystic disco ball. There is also roller-skating. Apparently, you can still do mystic ninja jump/flip actions on wheels.

      Eh? Plots? Soviet spy ballet chicks? Serious cock-blocking?

      (they also have Essential Dazzler - seriously, I need an excuse to get into town again and blow another £20 on interesting trades -- you might get the idea that I like 70s Marvel. It's tragic)

      (I already own Dazzler #1 -- totally for the Nightcrawler team-up and it has a Bill Sinkiewicz (spelling?) cover - yum)
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