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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Just Plain Fed Up

Just Plain Fed Up

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hugh house
Tomorrow is the day of the Brain Doctor.


I hate trying to stick headache ratings etc onto official number sheet things.

I keep mucking them up.

That said, I am in a much better place than this time last year (pain and psychology -wise) and... yeah.

On the down side, misplaced list of headache references in my el-jay for when I took the pills of epic fail. And this included the GP wanted to take me off them within 2 weeks of starting them. Pants
  • Just remember, lassie, it's their fault they can't find out what's wrong not yours. Don't let them pull that we can't find anything wrong with you so it must be you crap. You have a problem. It's real. And they have to help you.
  • I would be so terrible at that. I lose the ability to process numbers almost entirely when I get a migraine.

    I guess it's over by now, I hope it went OK. <3
    • Yesterday was one of those good news/bad news things.

      [the bad news thing involved our car and a red London bus]
      [the panel-beaters love bbd - he's a repeat customer]

      Also, the previous time I did my numbers, I had to get dosk to crunch them for me (I really cocked up on the diary front.

      I got a registrar which was already a bonus. She's very nice and totally agreed that Topiramate. Is. Not. An. Option. I also took in some e-mails from real life friends that say how much it sucked. She also said that my Consultant shouldn't have been pressuring me about it.

      Also, my consultant's other regular suggestion is a DHE drip. *sing song* They're not making the drug anymore! *grin*

      On the less awesome front: the continuing cock-up re the headache injection referral came up...

      Got home and a slot miraculously opened up. Injections on Monday! *yay*
  • (i feel like your GP ought to be giving you info like the last part in writing/have put it in your records so that you aren't expected to excavate your journal entries to "prove" it.)

    good luck/have had good luck depending on timing.
    • (small problem: he's not that doctor)

      (we pulled the records my doctor here's got -- not a lot)

      On the up side, we got the Registrar who is significantly less insane.

      She said that EC shouldn't have been pressuring me like that (as EC is her boss... well) since I do have a history with the stuff. I was a bit miffed about the Head Injection waiting list (which EC said she was going to put me on) since I had only been there since January (after my what-the-fuck email).

      Mysteriously, a slot has materialised on the Injection thing. So, I'm going to back to London on monday and I has neeeeedles.
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