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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh grin
If you didn't here it before: I got needled yesterday!

I now have 31 little punctures around my head/neck/shoulders. My eye brows hurt like they are squeezing my eyes in. Ouch. But not too ouch. It's annoying and I am sure I have bruises, but nobody can see them, or that's what they say.

I guess this gives me a bit more impetus to update the blooding headache scores. I do not like rating my headaches, but then, I'm due back in 12 weeks to get another cycle!

I had the scary consultant who was in "nice-mode" and had clearly been filled in by her registrar re: referal chaos and pills of doom. Hence the magic instant procedure appointment.

Also, why have none of my head-doctors heard of phrenology?

There we go.

p.s. my eyebrows feel weird.
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