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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I still really need a new New Who icon

I still really need a new New Who icon

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hugh house
(uh, I nearly typed New Hugh there -- I <3 Hugh Dillon)

Last night's New Who was absolutely toe-curling. Uh. Let me count the ways:

Iphigenia! I managed that after about three seconds:
* Actually, I had that impression from the trailer last week
* I was just hoping for something better
* Iphigenia is the only good part of "De Rerum Natura" by Lucretius
[I hate Lucretius -- but the opening is amazing "tantum religio potuit suadere malorum" / "Only religion can lead to such evil."
* Short version: Iphy was sacrificed to get her dad the wind he needed to get to Troy. She was told that she was going to marry Achilles. The moment of sheer fucking terror as she realizes that she wasn't dressed up as a bride, but like a sacrificial cow. Such Evil is a massive understatement
* Achilles (at least) doesn't like the plan one jot.

* Clara had a brain smart-ectomy: Screw all that genius stuff, let's go with "what do I do now, Doctor?)
*It didn't make very much sense - how does Sacrifice Girl suddenly know how to get out of the Temple? Or what the monsters were trying to do?
* Oh god - I can't believe that wasn't written by RTD -- on a bad day.
* Murray Gold - if I hear another of his "ah...ah...ahh" songs...
* how come the TARDIS translator suddenly not work: besides making Doctor look smart (and Clara spectacularly dim) even Jack got it to work for him -- and he's freakier
* TARDIS seems to be cock-bloking -- grow up
* Clara's godawful mockney/working-class accent: it was funny in the Xmas Special, but seriously, the joke's over. [is it meant to be endearing? or to sound like her dead mum whenever we need sympathy?]
* The whole Doctor massively in love with Assistant trope?
* The whole Doctor is a the reepy stalker of the Assistant trope?
* Still, why the stalking her parents? The "don't you remember me?!" in St John? I don't like this development.

* the Doctor is an absolute arse - at least that bit was interesting. Very self-serving (the Doctor as Psychopath: doesn't even understand that other people have emotional responses) and even a teeny bit malicious. Is this why they made such a thing about the Doctor wearing them in this episode? He's fine about the ring - and the leaf

Uh, apparently my mum says it's past my bedtime. Only I'm 29. Rather killed the mood here.
  • Oh man, it was terrible wasn't it?

    About the only bit I liked was the chorister singing (the choral bit wasn't amazing, but him and the little girl dueting I thought was nice). The plot made no sense, what the hell was the point of alarm clock alien, the flashbacks made me cringe at the cheese factor, I think everyone has gone "eh, what?" about the sudden lack of TARDIS translation for Clara...

    I assume you mean the Doctor not offering up Amy's glasses as payment when you call him an absolute arse?

    Though the stalking her parents I think makes sense - he is backtacking her history to see if she actually is human and everything she appears in this incarnation and is shocked to find she is a Real Girl. And I thought the "don't you remember me" is because he is expecting her to have memoruies of the Christmas episode.
    • It was 45 minutes of toe-curling agony!

      I don't get the whole alarm clock alien and the more you think about it the more incomprehensible the thing gets... feed the sleeping thing girls and it doesn't wake up the big thing... but what are the black-dressed aliens meant to do?

      As soon as we hit the bazaar I was getting Starship UK flashback (except for the bit where that episode was actually good) is this a requirement for new Companions? Introduce to as many future-people alien-people and overwhelm them... and then get them lost?


      The memory thing? I totally thought that was referencing the Xmas episode. Then dosk hooked me up with an (official) prequel trailer (they always seem to do these, they can be v interesting) with the Doctor moping on a swing in the same park (where Doctor creped out the parents) talking to a little girl on the swuing next door about losing a friend and how he met somebody interesting... and the girl tells him to go look for her... and goes back to mum. Mum, she say "Clara"

      Apparently, the Xmas episode prequel featured Strax the Sontaran doing his butler thing... *silly grin* ...but the prequel-things disappear pretty fast (don't ask me why) so by the point that I have dosk flailing about it, he can't find it for me. *sadface*
      • feed the sleeping thing girls and it doesn't wake up the big thing

        And how was sleeping thing linked to big thing anyway? And if sacrifice was always the purpose of the Queen of Years, why didn't the crowd try to stop the Doctor and Clara from interfering, and if it wasn't how did Merry whatsis know what the Vigil were there for, and why didn't she know before the performance that she could end up being eaten (which is a damn good reason to run away), and why did she suddenly switch to singing for grandfather to wake up, and... Argh! The more you think, the less sense it makes!

        No, I saw the episode prequel with the swing moping, but I didn't think the Doctor had heard the girl being called Clara. Which I also thought was extremely cheesy of them, not to mention I wasn't impressed with the girl's acting - very mannered in my opinion. Not one of their better prequels.
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