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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
I am so tired.

At "work" (a charity-owned museum), you wouldn't believe how tiring custodian-ing is.

So many people going up to the door, peering in and going away. Mostly making comments about the cost or just that they can't be bothered. (We can hear you) But worse are the people who come in, glance around and walk out. The worst are the people who do the above, but push for "can I have a look?" when they've made it clear they are not paying. Uh, no. Stupidity of the week: people who photograph themselves outside the building and go away. Whu?
  • They are going to post those pics to their tumblr or twitter! LOL! act like they've been there.
    • 'zacktamonte!

      Is it me, or is that really pathetic?

      (it's not like we're expensive or anything)
      • must be a lot of cheap bastards in your area. i wonder if you guys can use this to your advantage?
        create hype on twitter and give away free tix or something like that on local media?
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