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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Tonight's Who: But I Was in Victorian Yorkshire

Tonight's Who: But I Was in Victorian Yorkshire

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hugh house
Now, that was a good episode.

No, that was a bloody fantastic episode.

There are so many ways and, again, I will try and keep my list of good parts spoiler-clean.

* The man who keeps fainting -- Madam S, the Tardis, Strax...
* Strax, as usual, provides a explosive helpful solution
* ... and might even have got the hang of genders
* Tom Thomas
* The bad guys have a difference-enginge : welcome to Who does Steampunk
* Jenny and pals -- also Md. S, that veil thing is not working for you
* The man who keeps fainting (see previous point)
* A chair is _always_ useful.

Dosk really likes that we come in half-way through the Doctor's adventure.

I can't explain the title of this post. It wins.

Next week is going to be a great one (and Neil Gaiman, I think) [check with dosk]


In other news: David went to his Dalek-Meet-Up in Folkestone: it was awesome. He has pictures. I have never seen a dalek ball-gown before (it is nifty) and cosplayers (all types) galore! Sadly, not many people bother to ask the Daleks/Storm-Troopers/Ball-Gown-Lady if they mind being photographed! Let alone talk to them about their horse-box (how do you transport full-size daleks?) and their experiences. There was a Dalek with a Tax Disk -- it is registered as a mobility scooter. *WIN!*

In the words of the Big Bad Daddy: be nice to people, it confuses them.

Sadly, this is true
  • Best ep of the series so far - and it was by Gatiss!

    I really liked how the flashbacks as the Doctor explained how he got there to Jenny started off all sepia-toned and a little jerky, that was cool. And I totally agree with all your good points, plus I will add a "Diana Rigg!" to the tally. Oh, and the room with the huge record players making fake machinery noises - I liked that.

    (Though I hope the Doctor remembered to unplasticise all the other people who were under bell jars in the village before he left, and not just Clara.)

    Something I really liked about the end was that it showed Clara isn't living on the TARDIS, she is going back to her other life (apparently regularly enough to not be missing), and oh look, she does have connections to it. About time some showed up.

    And next week must be Neil Gaiman - he was doing the Cybermen one. Woohoo!

    (I just finished reading his short story collections Fragile Things and Smoke and Mirrors so I am right in the mood for more.)
  • Gah, lj ate my other comment. Which was to say that the other thing I thought was good was Ada, who got to be complex and messed up and angry (I loved the way she went for her mother and pulverised Mr Sweet) and then go off and be awesome when it was over.
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