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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm still writing this entry -- I can't find a draft save button anymore

I'm still writing this entry -- I can't find a draft save button anymore

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Hello People of the Internet and Others that Live in My Computer.

Yesterday, we went to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and it was awesome.

* Pavel Checkov (and his amazing adorable accent) is still my favourite team member -- he panics very prettily

* Spock and his "oh no, I'm in a volcano" action figure pose (I so want that)

* Peaceful solutions -- attempts at.

* Punching people -- seems to be a top skill

* There is (still) no sound in space

* There is a tribble (can we have the Dead Parrot sketch in space)

* Spock calls Jim "Jim"

* A very smart plot

What I learned from New Star Trek movies:

* never piss off an angry Vulcan

* base jumping is cool


[my reaction thing / what they should have said]

Mc Coy: He punched him, Jim, a lot.
  • I am mightily envious! (And a little disturbed at how sexy I'm finding Benedict Cumberbatch in full on terrifying mode in the trailers.)

    Yay for much Scotty!

    (Though I am compelled to point out that Spock calls Kirk "Jim" in the first reboot film too - it is as Kirk turns to leave him in the future-ship with the red matter. Spock says "Jim" to call him back so he can quote the statisitical improbability of their plan succeeding and give Kirk a message for Uhura in case he dies, not that Kirk lets him, and I have clearly seen that film way too many times!)
    • Oh, yes, he is disturbating.

      Scotty. How many times can he use the words "yer what?" he doesn't like anybody's plans much. He is not a great inwombat combat "situations" but doesn't really get much choice... (like I said, he doesn't like anybody's plans).

      Ah. Okay. I hadn't actually watched the reboot all the way through until Wednesday. But serious Jim-ing going on there
      • I sooooo need to see this film.

        I also need to see the film where Scotty is great in a wombat situation! But sadly I think that will only ever exist in my head (and possibly yours).
        • There is a great bit where Jim wants to rip Spock's Vulcan bangs off.

          (fringe kind of bangs, not Spock/Kirk kind of bangs)

          [they are so _not_ getting on]

          Wombats could be good -- the new Tribble

          The one thing I want more than a Tribble is an Adipose

          (fandom, where mini-aliens are just too cute)

          Edited at 2013-05-11 07:55 pm (UTC)
          • Right, now that I've seen it I get what you were on about with Spock's "I'm in a volcano" pose!

            Scotty was marvellous, whether or not he can cope with combat wombats. I particularly liked his terrible shirt in the bar and the frantic running across the hangar.

            Kirk and Spock made me cry at the end (and they can get on just fine; they could even get it on, but only if Uhura gives them permission...)
  • I'm glad to see this movie is good. I have yet to see it and I'm very much jazzed for it!

    Lately I'm too absorbed into NBC Hannibal series. @_@
    • Understatement: I loved it.

      Hannibal is so good it hurts (okay, I've only seen ep1 but) I love Will.
  • Checkov is awesome...how he isn't everyone's favourite I don't know.
  • I learned that Benedict Cumberbatch in tight leather trousers, kicking shit out of people makes me slide off my seat!
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