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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Blast from the Past (stitchery edition)

Blast from the Past (stitchery edition)

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cross stitch: birdy
I'm trying to work out why so many of my stitchy projects aren't tagged as "cross stitch" as this is proving (very) annoying. So, I decided that what the world really needs is pictures of some of my greatest hits. So, this design is called "Lavender Radiance" and is a kit from the Sweetheart Tree:

sort of purple and dainty with very small beads and interesting stitches
  • Ooh, that is v, v pretty. And v intricate looking too.
    • I need to get a picture of my latest project -- it might kill me first.

      Right now, I want to do another thing like this, but I already have one big thing on the go
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